Snapchat-433294052I am a woman from Georgia. I am currently earning a degree in health promotion at UGA. I wear whatever feels most fitting for the day. I live with my partner and my poodle. The natural world is my home.

I’ve spent most my time being quiet in the corner… talking to the few I’ve been brave enough to approach or the even fewer who approach me. I have hid behind my loved ones and let them speak for me. I am soft-spoken and often times mute. Anxiety usually overtakes me before I struggle to get words out. I live in my own head.

I do, however, know how to write. I am a writer and a poet. This is the only way I know how to appropriately communicate the complexity that is life. The complexity of everything I want to share and hear from the world. So read me. Raw, scars and all. Read into me. Message me. Converse with me. I am opening my safe space to share with those who want to participate.

My goal is to inspire others to think about things inside and outside of themselves. The purpose of this blog and the conversations that can come of it are to ponder and observe life for what it is and share this Odyssey together. We are all on a journey and find ourselves struggling to understand this consciousness and our world. This is where I share poems and posts to spark new conversation and thinking.

Count this as me breaking my silence. Here I am, world.

I struggle with generalized anxiety and a mental illness. As a woman, I juggle depression and oppression. I’ve missed opportunities and gained insight, like anyone else.

I’m ready to start talking to those who will listen. Are you? Tell me what you like. What you dislike. Write to me as I write to you.

“Talk to me and I’ll talk to you” –

Here I am.